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If you have visited websites called oursmila.com, curethed.store or online stores using Facebook and you have been rerouted to our website; be aware! These "companies" are NOT associated with St. Anne's Parish of Porterville, with the Diocese of Fresno, or the Catholic Church. This applies to any companies claiming to be our Parish. We do not sell any furniture, electronics or any items of any kind online or via telephone. If you receive any charges to your credit card or bank account that you did not make, please contact your bank and the appropriate authorities immediately. 

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Our Mission

Saint Anne’s is a dynamic community of living faith. We represent many different cultures and languages while at the same time representing the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. We are the community of the baptized and live out our baptismal anointing as “priest, prophet and king” by living the faith each day.


Each Easter, as well as each time we present someone for baptism as a parent or sponsor, we have the opportunity to renew our baptismal promises. As responsible members of the Body of Christ, if we truly wish to be known as Christians, we must do more than say “Lord, Lord.  We must keep the faith by all that we say, do, and think in Christ Jesus, our Lord.


All are welcome to be a part of this community.  The only real way anyone can truly become a part of a family is to make your presence known and begin to take your place as an active member of this community.  God bless each one of you!


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