1994 to 2006

Our History - 1994 to 2006:  "New Horizons"

Monsignor Janelli was transferred in 1993 and was succeeded by Father Scott Daugherty, born June 28, 1954 at Madera, California.  Father Scott was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Fresno on May 29, 1983, having studied first at California State University, Fresno and then at Saint John's Seminary, Camarillo.  Like Father Prieto, Father Daugherty came from the pastorate of Saint Marys in Cutler.


Father Daugherty received the Vision Plan" from Monsignor Janelli and, with the support and cooperation of the parish, began to implement its provisions.  During the summer of 1993 Father Daugherty and newly ordained parochial vicar Father Raul Sanchez attended a series of parish gatherings.  These gatherings, held in the homes of parishioners, were designed to introduce the new clergy to the community.  The response was overwhelming and more than four hundred people attended gatherings in 36 different homes during the course of the summer of 1993.  The gatherings were held again during the summers of 1995 and 1997, with plans to continue in the future.


It was during these gatherings that the time line for fund raising for a new church was advanced by three years. Rather than wait until 1997, the new church project fund raising program was begun in 1994.  With great enthusiasm and participation over one thousand families pledged financial support for the project.  Between 1993 and 1997 several other important projects were completed.  A church building for the Terra Bella Catholic community was purchased and dedicated to Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, Mexican priest and martyr.  A priest residence was fashioned out of two existing houses owned by the parish at 348 and 340 N F Street.  Saint Anne's Pre-School was established and has become a very successful institution under the direction of Mrs. Rhonda Dotters.  The former parish rectory was successfully transformed into a parish office.


One long time dream was realized when the Saint Anne's School Foundation" was established in order to develop an endowment fund for the school.  Repairs and improvements continue to be made to the Saint Annes School grounds and buildings.  The new church property at Newcomb and North Grand Avenues was cleared and annexed into the City of Porterville.  A small house on the property served as a parish meeting center.  A monumental cross was erected on the corner of the site to commemorate the centennial year and the blessing of the ground for the new church.  Most Reverend John T. Steinbock, Bishop of the Diocese of Fresno, presided at the ground blessing. Aften/vards a dinner/auction was held at the home of Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Patricia Miller of Porterville.  This event, attended by over 400 people, was the most successful single fund raiser in the history of the parish.  The funds were contributed to the new church building project.


During 1996, the centennial year, many events and celebrations marked the anniversary. In addition to the ground blessing, a first ever Saint Anne's School reunion was held at Bartlett Park with over 700 graduates, former students and their families in attendance. A centennial awards banquet was held at River Island Country Club. Individuals from the parish were nominated by fellow parishioners for special centennial honors. An award named in honor of former pastor Monsignor James Dillon was presented, one each to Mrs. Joyce Lombardi and Mr. Raymond Muller. Parish centennial honors went to Mrs. Hazel Rocha, Mrs. Belen Hurtado, Mrs. Patricia Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Al and Eleanorvan Camp, Mr. R.J. Owen, Mr. Jim Dieterle, Mrs. Bonnie Jensen and Mr. Gary Giraudi. Benemerenti medals were presented to Mr. Manuel Rodriguez, Mr. Bud Rauber, Miss Mary Meisel and Miss Carolyn Simonic.  More than any building or project, Saint Annes Parish is about the people of God united in the Love of Jesus Christ. From the beginnings during the later half of the 19th century when a few scattered Catholics were served by a faithful priest on horseback, the parish is served today by two full time priests, six full time religious women, an active full time parish and school staff and hundreds of faithful volunteers working in the English and Spanish languages.  These individuals continue to work with fervor to build up the Kingdom of God in Porterville.