About Father Vargas

Rev. Fr. Guadalupe Vargas

          Rev. Guadalupe Vargas was born in Merced, CA, but raised in Stevinson, CA.  He is the fourth child of five children.  His father did upholstery as a profession and his mother was a stay-home mom. Eventually they settled in the city of Merced, where most of his family currently resides. 


          Fr. Vargas was raised in a fairly normal and traditional Catholic family.  They attended the Saturday Vigil at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, a mission of Hilmar, CA, and prayed the rosary regularly.  His parents, having come from humble beginnings did not receive much formal education, nor much catechetical instruction.  Nonetheless, the faith of his parents was reflected in their motto and philosophy, “Primero Dios‒‒God first:”


          After graduating High School in 2003, Fr. Vargas did not want to go onto college.  Instead, he went to work for his brother in the plumbing business. Unfulfilled with life, he then moved to Southern California, where he lived with relatives.  It was there that he met a priest who said to him, “Maybe someday you will be a priest.”  Priesthood, up to that point, had never occurred to him as a life choice.  However, after it being presented to him as an idea, then became a possibility, which then became more of a reality.  During the next two years, he discerned God’s call to the priesthood, and in the process met a girl who helped him discern that the next step would be the seminary. 


          In July of 2007 he was accepted by the late Bishop John T. Steinbock as a seminarian for the Diocese of Fresno, and at Mount Angel Seminary, Oregon.  He completed his studies in the spring of 2011 and graduated with a double major in philosophy and literature.  Still feeling that God was calling him to the priesthood, Fr. Vargas continued his discernment and theological studies at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University, in Menlo Park, CA.  Then, on December 5, 2016, he was ordained to the Order of the Diaconate. On May 28, 2017, he was ordained to the Order of Presbyter.  His first assignment was Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Delano. And on September 6, 2017, he was assigned to our parish.