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Holy Cross, Sun 8:00 am and 10:00 am, English

We have seasonal practices on Wednesdays and we meet thirty minutes prior to either mass for preparation.  Highlights for the year include Midnight Mass, Holy Week Masses and services, Holy Days of Obligation and all Sunday Liturgies.

Volunteers Wanted

We invite anyone interested in joining our ministry. Music knowledge or education is not a requirement.  You are only required to sing in the presence of our Lord.


Steve Osurez, Music Liturgist,    here

Josh Sutherland, Director,          here

Jorge Balfour, Organist



Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro Mission, Sat 7:00 pm Spanish

Rehearsals are every Thursday at the Terra Bella Mission at 6:00 PM. We don't use written music, nor do we sing in four-part harmony.  We all use the natural singing voice we have been blessed with to sing in tune and harmony. 

Volunteers Wanted

The choir is open to anyone who would like to join. No auditions are necessary.


Adolfo Hernandez


Holy Cross, Spanish Masses

We serve at Sunday Masses and Festivities

Volunteers Wanted

Looking for those who play musical instruments, know how to sing and to vocalize.  Willing to donate your time and talent for our Lord Jesus.


Baldo Guzman    here    

 “Qui bene cantat bis orat”, or "He who sings prays twice".  ~St. Augustine of Hippo

Holy Cross combined English Choirs, Christmas 2015

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