Prayer Groups

Grupo de Oracion

This group is not an organization as such but a joyful gathering of faithful people who believe that prayer and trust in God truly changes things. These meetings, conducted in Spanish, consist of different types of prayer including songs of worship and praise, prayers of thanksgiving and petition, scripture reading and sharing in love what Jesus has done to transform our lives.

When and Where

Every Monday evening, 7:00 PM, Holy Cross Church, here.

Every Wednesday evening 6:30 PM Mission Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, Terra Bella.


Maria Rodarte                      781-9257

Baldomero & Arminda Guzman  793-1894


Our Lady of Fatima / Mother of Perpetual Help Rosary Prayer Group

This prayer group is an expression of the Filipino community of Porterville and the surrounding areas. It was started on July 16,1996 by Lynda and Rody de Roca for the intension of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Mother of Perfetual Help.  We pray the Rosary and offer prayer intensions for the spiritual and temporal needs of the people of the world.  Members develop a closer personal and spiritual relationship with one another.  They become more devoutly united as one family.

When and Where

Every Wednesday at 5:00 at the home of Lynda and Rody de Roca, 213 N. Balmoral St Porterville.


Lynda de Roca 361-3109

Rody de Roca  361-5664

More information about this group is here.


Thursday Night Holy Hour


Holy Hour is the Catholic devotional tradition of spending an hour in Eucharistic adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. On the first Thursday of each month, Holy Hour concludes with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction.


Holy Hour includes the Rosary and other selected prayers to fulfill our Blessed Mother's request at Fatima to pray for peace and the conversion of sinners. This was also a Jesus' request in the Garden of Gethsemane, "Could you not watch and pray for one hour with me?”

When and Where

Every Thursday night from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM at St. Anne's Church, here.


Maureen Cruess  791-0826



Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary Prayer Group

Our Lady of Lourdes prayer group started on March 10, 2013.  We pray for anyone in our church, community, friends, and relatives who are ill. This prayer is open to everyone who wishes to join us. If they have a prayer request that they need to include for loved ones that are ill, we are delighted to pray for them.  This devotion started because of sickness in the family and because of our faith.  I believe that when Jesus said " If two or more gathered in my name I am with you " (Matthew 18:20 )

When and Where

Every Saturday at 5:00pm at the home of Marlene Gelacio Penarejo, 1831W. San Lucia St. Porterville.


Miss. Marlene Gelacio Penarejo  (559) 210-1069

Emilyn E.Gelacio                          (559) 359-4303

More information about this group is here.

Christian Meditation / Contemplative Prayer Group


Two Christian Meditation Groups meet in the Parish weekly. Meditation, also known as Contemplative Prayer, seeks God in the silence, stillness and simplicity beyond word or thought.  


This form of silent, imageless prayer using a mantra or prayer word is rooted in the Gospel, the letters of St. Paul and originated with the early Desert Fathers of the 4th Century. The repetition of the mantra simplifies and unifies the mind and enables us to transcend the distractions and workings of our ego at the time of meditation. By silencing our thoughts we "leave self behind" and become more attentive to God and so to others. We are not speaking to God, nor thinking about God, but being with Godbeing in communion with the presence of Christ within our hearts.


Newcomers are always welcome. The one hour meeting includes quiet music, a short taped talk on meditation, 25 minutes of silent meditation, followed by question and answer period. The heart of the Meditation Group is the sharing of silence together. 


When and Where

  • Every Monday evening at 6:30 PM in Springville at the home of Velma Coats.

  • Every Tuesday evening at 6 PM at the St. Anne's in the chapel of the Rectory Garden.



Maria Forner: 

Mobile: (559) 285-0465

Residence: (559) 784-3397


Please call ahead for specific directions.


More information about this group is here

What is the Rosary?

The Rosary helps us to contemplate our relationship with God together with the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. We pray the Gospel of Luke when we pray the Rosary. The prayers of the Rosary are the Hail Mary, the Lord's Prayer, the Glory Be and the Sign of the Cross.


We contemplate the Joyful Mysteries (annunciation, visitation, nativity, presentation in the temple, finding the child Jesus in the temple) the Sorrowful Mysteries (agony in the garden, scourging at the pillar, crowning with thorns, carrying of the cross, crucifixion), and the Glorious Mysteries (resurrection, ascension, descent of the Holy Spirit, assumption of the Blessed Mother into heaven, coronation of the Blessed Mother as Queen of Heaven).



Please join us in praying this powerful prayer given to us by our Blessed Mother.  At Fatima, where she appeared as Our Lady of the Rosary, Mary said that with fasting and prayer, especially the rosary, that we can stop wars and natural disasters.  Meditating on all the mysteries of the rosary (Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious) is like meditating on the Gospel in miniature.


Mary's goal is always to lead us closer to her Son, Jesus  The Holy Rosary thus can lead us into a deeper love relationship with Jesus.  It can help purify our souls, give us victory over our spiritual enemies, make it easier to practice virtue, and obtain all kinds of graces from Almighty God.  We encourage you to join us in praying the Holy Rosary before or after Mass, in the Adoration Chapel, or at home with your families.



More information about how to pray the rosary can be found here: