Rosary Prayer Groups

Rosary Prayer Groups

Information verified:  5/22/15  KJN

Our Lady of Fatima / Mother of Perpetual Help Rosary Prayer Group 


Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary Prayer Group


Meeting Times

Meeting times and locations for these groups can be found here.


Activities for Both Prayer Groups

We are involved in many parish activities, including:

  • Nine days rosary novena prayers for deceased family members upon request

  • Provide musical prayer on the rosary for the deceased at Myers Church upon the family request

  • We organized the rosary Rally, for America Needs Fatima Rosary Rallies every October once a year

  • Volunteer to help clean St Anne's and Holy Cross church once every three months on Saturdays at 7 am ( schedule will be provided / sign ups needed )

  • We join Walk for life as scheduled once a year ( Visalia and San Franscisco )

  • Bringing in kind donations to St Anne's food bank

  • Bienvenida (welcoming) and Despedida (Farewells) parties for visiting priest  

  • Selling Filipino foods for the Parish Annual Family Fiesta for parish fund raising


Volunteers Wanted

We welcome volunteers to pray with us and to participate in parish activities with us.



For Our Lady of Fatima / Mother of Perpetual Help Rosary Prayer Group, please contact

       Lynda and Rody de Roca             (559) 361-5664

For Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary Prayer Group, please contact 

       Miss. Marlene Gelacio Penarejo  (559) 210-1069

       Emilyn E.Gelacio                          (559) 359-4303