Safe Environment Training

Safe Environment Training

Information verified:  December 2018

Protecting Children and Youth



Requirements for those who have contact with children

St. Anne's Parish follows the Diocese of Fresno guidelines for protecting children and youth through the Safe Envionment Program. 

All employees and volunteers who have contact with children and youth in the parish or school are required to:

  •      Have a background check (Live Scan Form)

  •      Complete the Diocese of Fresno Volunteer Application Form

  •      Review and sign the Diocese of Fresno Code of Conduct 

  •      Complete initial On-line training on child abuse prevention and reporting, bullying and internet safety

  •      Complete the On-Line Safe Environment Renewal Training (which occurs on a 3-year cycle), regardless of when you received your initial training


Volunteer application forms, Live scan fingerprint forms for parish volunteers and Diocese of Fresno Code of Conduct forms are all available at the parish office. Live Scan fingerprint forms for St. Anne's School volunteers are available at the School's Office.

On-Line Training

Recent changes have been made to the Safe Environment Program. One of the main changes is that there will be no more In-Person Training. Online training course take about 2 hours, once completed, you will print out the certificates of completion and take them to the Parish Office. A copy of completion will be automatically sent to the Diocese of Fresno and to our Parish Safe Environment Manager.  "Protecting children in the 21st Century" includes 3 lessons 1) Child abuse, 2) Internet Safety and 3) Bullying. This program replaces ALL live training presentations.  Please follow this link to take the On-Line Training and follow the steps. https://safeandsacred-fresno.org/login/index.php


Safe Environment Renewal Training

Every three years, all volunteers and employees must renew their training.  All current volunteers were required to attend renewal training beginning in July 2015. The next mandatory renewal year begins July 1, 2018.  


The Children's Curriculum

This is an annual program. All Catholic School teachers, Safe Environment Managers, Director of Religious Education (DRE) and Catechists are to take the course "Train the Trainer for Children" on the https://safeandsacred-fresno.org/login/index.php website. Once the training is completed, catechists and others will have access to the children's curriculum. 



For further information or help with meeting Safe Environment requirements, contact Steve Onsurez at (949) 350-7612


For more information, you may visit the diocesan website, http://dioceseoffresno.org/safe-environment



These documents are also available at the parish office:

  • The Safe Environment Requirement

  • Diocese of Fresno Volunteer Application Form

  • Live Scan Form

  • Code of Conduct and Signature Page.